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Closing Real Estate Transactions & Planning Estates For Over 50 Years

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We have helped thousands with their real estate purchases and estate planning arrangements. Let us help you too.

As an Orlando area Attorney handling very private issues such as real estate transactions and estate planning, I believe that you deserve the highest level of personal service and attention in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.

Let’s face it, meeting with an attorney can be intimidating. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. When you visit my Maitland office, you’ll be welcomed into a home instead of a cold steel or glass high rise.


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Our specialities include:

  • Real Estate Closings
  • Refinances
  • Short Sales
  • Probate
  • Wills

Using a Florida attorney who is familiar with Florida law is especially important for your protection, whether closing on real estate or planning your estate.

I represent buyers in preparing and reviewing real estate contracts and will attend the closing with you if you wish.

I also help you through sensitive and delicate matters such as probate issues. This can be especially important for people who are out of state and need someone to handle your closing or to help with probate concerns when you are unable to be in Florida yourself.


Let's get together to discuss your individual needs and how we can assist you. If you are not too far away, I’ll arrange to come to your business or home, or we can schedule a meeting via telephone. We are here to serve you, not just to collect a fee.


Read the testimonials here to see what clients have to say about working with Bill Winderweedle. 

“I had the incredible good fortune of being recommended to Bill Winderweedle when I was faced with having to handle the disposition of property of a deceased relative who had lived in Florida. I was from out of state, it was an incredibly difficult time and Mr. Winderweedle and his excellent staff were there to guide me every step of the way. His experience, professionalism, and integrity saw me through a very difficult time. When he said "call me at any time" he meant it. If any one asks me for a recommendation for an attorney in Florida, I unhesitatingly recommend Bill Winderweedle."

Lucine B. Watt

Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation

“As a person who knows little about the Law, I was fortunate to find Bill Winderweedle. He has always been eager to help me in any situation in which he is knowledgeable; he has always been willing to refer me to those people outside of his field of expertise if needed. I am confident in his ability to listen to me and interpret my needs. He has been more than fair in his fees for his services; more affordable than most. He is well-known in the community and well thought of. I know that he is ethical beyond compare. I trust him."

Kay Phillips

“I have known Bill and his lovely wife Jimmie Winderweedle for over 30 years. Bill's spiritual commitment and devotion to his family has been a true inspiration for many. His high standards of professionalism and integrity in his law practice is why I never hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a real estate, probate or estate planning attorney."

Joyce J. Potts

SRA | Southern Appraisal Group, INC.

“I have been using Winderweedle Law for about five years. This law firm is very professional and gets the job done in a very timely manner. I have used Winderweedle for various reasons such as real-estate closings, contract negotiations, contract reviews, title work and escrowing. In my business timing is the key and with Winderweedle Law I don’t have to worry about the delays. I also want to give a special thanks to the staff for the referrals that are sent to me from time to time. Thanks for making my business personal to yours."

Dan Gracia

Director | BiZ-HuB

"Bill and Lori have always been most knowledgeable on every issue I have presented to them. Nothing ever seemed to be too much of a challenge. I have had Bill handle many closings, purchases and even my wife's will. It is nice to know when I need Bill he is there and goes the extra mile for me. It is very assuring when I ask Bill to provide a certain task, I can rest assured when I get to his office, Lori will have everything ready for me to just sign. Knowing everything has been done in my best interest has a major peace of mind for me. I have recommended and sent countless members of my family and friends to see Bill with their legal matters. They too have been very satisfied. I will continue to use Bill's service and would highly recommend Bill to anyone I know. After all these years working with Bill and Lori, I feel as though I can call them my friends"

Jim Brancamp