Protect Your Family and Property With a Legal Florida Will

Spare your friends and family the burden and expense of managing your affairs after death or disability with a legal Florida Will.

After just one conference to establish your needs and to obtain the necessary information, we will prepare your Will along with any other necessary estate planning documents and have them ready for your final signature.

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Why You Need A Legal Florida Will

A Last Will and Testament provides for the distribution or division of your assets after your death. Without a Legal Florida Will, your assets will be distributed according to Florida Law, which may result in a distribution to persons unknown to you or your family may not be provided for as you had intended.

A Last Will and Testament is necessary to pass title to property which is in an individual’s name alone. It does not affect property held jointly (either real or personal) and does not affect Life Insurance Policies (unless the estate is the beneficiary), 401K’s, or similar items that have designated beneficiaries.

Protecting your family in the event of your death will be achieved with a properly executed Last Will and Testament (Legal Florida Will) in place prior to your death.

Naming A Personal Representative

It is necessary in your Last Will and Testament to name a Personal Representative who will be in charge of administering your estate. You should also name an alternate person in the event the first person is unable or unwilling to serve at the time needed.

Under Florida Law, a named Personal Representative must be a blood relative or a resident of the State of Florida.

Guardianship For Minor Children

A preference for the Guardian of your minor children should be designated in your Last Will and Testament. The designation is not mandatory in Probate Court but the court will usually appoint the person designated in the Last Will and Testament as the Guardian of the children.

Testamentary Trust

A Testamentary Trust is primarily used in the rare case that you and your spouse were to die simultaneously. The Testamentary Trust will protect the children while they are minors and will provide for their “health, education and welfare” as needed.

It is necessary to name a Trustee but is not necessary that the named Guardian of the children and the Trustee of the Trust be the same person.

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